Competition Structure

eFootball™ Championship 2024 AC Milan Club Finals

Competition Overview

This is an online competition to determine the world's No.1 AC Milan fan.

4 players from each region who emerged victorious in Round 3 in the Console Category and Mobile Category, respectively, will compete for ultimate glory.

The heated battle will be broadcast live on the official eFootball™ channel.

Join us in witnessing the crowning moment of the No.1 AC Milan fan.

The winners of the competition will automatically qualify for the eFootball™ Championship 2024 World Finals, scheduled to be held in Tokyo in July 2024.

Competition Schedule




Competition Categories

  • Console Category (PlayStation🄬5)
  • Mobile Category


  • Winner: Autographed commemorative uniform
  • Participants: Club Uniforms


Participants who are eligible for the Club Finals will be informed individually.


  • ・ The competition will be run in two categories, Mobile and Console. The winner of each category will be decided through the Group Stage and Knockout Stage.
  • ・ The Group Stage will be played in a round-robin format, and the Knockout Stage will be played in a single-elimination format.
  • ・ The top 2-ranked participants from the Group Stage will proceed to the Knockout Stage for a final championship match.
  • ・ Only Standard, Highlight, Trending and Big Time Player Cards can be registered in Game Plan.
  • ・ Only AC Milan players can be registered in Game Plan.

*Players of these Card Types can be used as long as the players are registered in the AC Milan in-game roster at the timing of the Club Finals. However, players who fulfil the above condition but have transferred to another club in real-life cannot be used.

*As for Big Time Player Cards, only Cards reproducing past seasons of active players sold in conjunction with Round 1 may be used (specified by the competition administrators).

*For more information, please refer to the guidelines distributed by the competition administrators.

*Regulations are subject to change prior to the start of the competition.



Jugador 1 Mobile
Jugador 2 Mobile
Jugador 3 Mobile
Jugador 4 Mobile


Jugador 1 Console
Jugador 2 Console
Jugador 3 Console
Jugador 4 Console

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