TALONESUI and RealFabiano93 proclaimed Champions in eFootball™ Championship 2024 FC Bayern Finals

The Allianz Arena hosted the much-anticipated FC Bayern Finals of the eFootball™ Championship 2024 past Thursday, featuring the legendary Bavarian footballer Thomas Müller as commentator of the two Grand Finals


Munich, March 28, 2024 - The eFootball™ Championship 2024 FC Bayern München Finals competition was celebrated yesterday Thursday 28th March in Munich, proclaiming Thailand’s TALONESUI, on the mobile platform, and French RealFabiano93, on the console platform, as FC Bayern’s representatives at this summer's World Finals in Tokyo. In a day filled with intense clashes and remarkable displays of skill, two players emerged as the undisputed champions in their respective platforms.

In a competition that drew participants from every corner of the globe, TALONESUI from Thailand clinched victory on the mobile platform, while RealFabiano93 from France showcased dominance on the console platform, solidifying their roles as the representatives of FC Bayern in the upcoming World Finals set to be held this summer in Tokyo.

The event stood out for its innovative format, featuring simultaneous matches on both console and mobile platforms, adding to the excitement and intensity of the competition. Employing a round-robin format at a single game, each contender navigated through six challenging matches in the group stage  to secure their spot in the grand finals (only 3 in the case of the mobile platform because unfortunately one of the finalists, LAMTTI, was unable to attend the Finals and his matches were forfeited 3-0). The results of the matchups played are as follows:

As the champions of the FC Bayern Club Finals, TALONESUI and RealFabiano93 will jet off to Tokyo to represent FC Bayern in the World Finals this summer. In the mobile grand final, TALONESUI, unbeaten in group stage, faced off against Belgium’s ABDUTCH in a tightly contested match that ended in a 1-1 draw. After a dramatic penalty shootout, TALONESUI emerged triumphant with a final scoreline of 3-2 in his favor. Meanwhile, in the other grand final, RealFabiano93, runner-up for Italy on PES21, went head-to-head against shishi, Top 4 in the eFootball™ Championship Open 2022. The Frenchman took the grand final by storm, outscoring the Japanese 4-1 to win the champion's trophy on the console platform. 

The eFootball™ community celebrated the success of the new champions and eagerly awaits their performance in the World Finals in Tokyo along with the future winners of the upcoming Club Events. Congratulations to TALONESUI and RealFabiano93 for their exceptional achievement, and may they proudly carry the banner of FC Bayern on the global stage!

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