India’s JOYBOY and Mexico’s Kalahard crowned Champions of the AC Milan Finals

The former, on the mobile platform, and the latter, on console, have earned a place at this summer's World Finals in Tokyo as representatives of AC Milan



The eFootball™ Championship 2024 AC Milan Finals online competition was celebrated today, proclaiming the Indian JOYBOY, on the mobile platform, and the Mexican Kalahard, on the console platform, as AC Milan’s representatives at this summer's World Finals in Tokyo.

With 8 participants representing four different areas of the world, JOYBOY took victory on the mobile platform after a stunning comeback against the Moroccan A-Errmiki thanks to two Big Time Rafael Leão’s goals, while Kalahard held on against the odds in a tight 1-0 start scored on a marvelous header with Giroud’s Big Time card against the multi-time eFootball™ champion Usmakabyle, who conceded his second defeat in a Club Event final after his loss against FuTeFacil in the FC Barcelona Grand Final.

Looking back at the group stage, Usmakabyle dominated the group by a long way, taking a clean sweep of wins, while Kalahard had to battle it out with Greece's Marios and Thailand's Jeansui to book his place in the final thanks to the tie-breaker criteria of the direct confrontation, in which Kalahard had won 2-1 over Marios. Meanwhile, in the mobile group, things were also tight for the group winner and runner-up, but with a win over Brazil's OBruxoo, JOYBOY secured top spot in the standings, while A-Errmiki's draw against Morocco's MAYBE-7x was enough for A-Errmiki to sneak into the final.

The eFootball™ community celebrated the success of the new champions and eagerly awaits their performance in the World Finals in Tokyo along with the future winners of the upcoming Club Events. Congratulations to JOYBOY and Kalahard for their exceptional achievement, and may they proudly carry the banner of AC Milan on the global stage!

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