The seven regional mobile and console finalists will face each other at Old Trafford on 24th May to represent the Red Devils at the World Finals in Tokyo this summer.

After clearing four online qualifiers in their respective world regions, seven deserving finalists from all over the world will vye in the offline Manchester United Finals, streamed live from Old Trafford next 24th May at 11:00 UTC on the eFootball™ YouTube and Facebook channels.


Here is the list of the seven participants in the Manchester United Finals:


Console Regional Winner of Eastern Asia & Oceania & Other areas

TAKEMAN has been playing the game for 2 years and this is his first Final in an eFootball™ tournament. An automotive developer by day, the Japanese says "I want to have fun playing against the best players in the world and win". His favorite Manchester United players are Antony in the game and Bruno Fernandes in real life.


Console Regional Winner of Western Asia

Four-time Israeli champion, ISR_OREL finished second in the eFootball.Open 2021 European Region and finalist in the eEuro 2020-2021 with the Israeli national team. His favorite Manchester United player is Marcus Rashford, both in real life and in the game.


Console Regional Winner of Europe and Africa

Playing eFootball™ since 2008, the well-known professional player Miguel Mestre is the European Champion 2023 and also won the eFootball.Pro Cup 2020 with FC Bayern München. This will be his second time in an eFootball™ Championship Club Finals after FC Inter, in which he didn’t make it to the Grand Final. This time he will try his best luck by using his favorite Manchester United player, both in real life and in the game, Marcus Rashford.


Console Regional Winner of America

Since he started playing in 2015, lautaroraris has won several local and international eFootball™ tournaments. His two favorite Manchester United players are Marcus Rashford in the game and his fellow countryman Lisandro Martínez in real life.


Mobile Regional Winner of Europe and Africa

Belgian promising player ABDUTCH repeats his participation in a Club Event Finals after finishing runner-up in the last FC Bayern München Finals. This time, he will try to make his way to the long-awaited World Finals in Tokyo by fielding his favorite Manchester United player both in the game and in real life, Casemiro.


Mobile Regional Winner of America

Juninho_efootball is a promising Brazilian player who last season was awarded the MVP of the Brazilian League. He aims to "showcase my e-football and return to Brazil with this title", for which he will surely include in his squad two of his favorite Manchester United players, his compatriots Casemiro and Antony.


Americas Regional Third-placed

Another Brazilian gem to watch out for is emerging talent Bduforro__Pro7, third-placed in the Americas region of the Manchester United Club Event. His favorite player both in-game and in real life is Marcus Rashford.

Mark your calendars for the Manchester United Club Finals on 24th May and don’t miss a single minute of the exciting showdown!

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